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Capability Statement

Pension and Employee Benefit Services

Comarton is convinced that a modern professional Fund Management service must address the following critical areas and we have structured ourselves appropriately, to meet this challenge:

  • - PEBS is responsible for all Advisory and Secretarial requirements of the Fund. 
  • - Preparation of monthly accounts as well as attending to the Annual Audit by an externally appointed Auditor. 
  • - Preparation of Trustees package for the quarterly Trustees meetings.
  • - All facets of Pension Fund Administration and Benefit Design.
  • - Pioneering Self-Insurance concepts.
  • - Post retirement Basic Medical Cover.
  • - Structured Burial Benefit

IT Capacity

  • - Our IT subsidiary company, Comarsoft Solutions (CS) successfully developed “The Pensions Manager”; our administration platform with the intertwined Accounting and Payroll systems which phenomenally enhanced our administrative efficiency.
  • - These systems have been further enhanced by e-mail links allowing the Principal Officer of a Fund to make requests for information and data from his/her office directly to our system with server replies with no human intervention.  Nobody else h- as similar systems amongst our competitors.

The systems have been sold to four large self- administered Funds in Zimbabwe whose names can be provided on request.        

ComarSoft’s suite of software solutions, which can be provided as stand –alone solutions or fully intergrated packages includes the following;

  • - Pensions Administration System
  • - Accounting System
  • - Payroll System
  • - Health Care Management Systems
  • - Asset Management Systems
  • - Property Management System
  • - Mortgage Management Systems
  • - Software installation and data conversion and testing
  • - Comprehensive User Training Programmes
  • - Ongoing suppport services
  • - Hardware and networking support

ComarSoft also provides a full range of ongoing services, including:

Actuarial Capacity

  • - It is now worldwide practice that Boards of Trustees rely heavily on actuarial expertise in the overall management of a Fund, as they seek to formulate the Fund’s investment strategy based on actuarially determined asset/liability models.
  • - Through Atchison Actuarial Services (Atchison), a subsidiary entity within the Comarton Group, we provide full actuarial and investment consulting services to pension funds under our management.
  • - Atchison was in 2011, awarded the tender to conduct an Actuarial investigation into the proposed conversion of the Government of Zimbabwe Civil Service Pension Fund from the present Pay – As – You – Go arrangement to a funded Pension Scheme.  This major exercise was successfully concluded in 2012, and is expected to form the basis of the Government of Zimbabwe’s Civil Service pension reform programme which we continue to provide advice on towards the launch of the Fund.
  • - Atchison’s level of professionalism was confirmed when it was appointed to undertake an actuarial valuation of the Public Service Pension Fund of the Government of Zimbabwe, a task which was completed satisfactorily and whose results have now been taken to the Cabinet of Zimbabwe. This has been further re-affirmed by its most recent appointment to work with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare in Zimbabwe on appropriate domestic health financing options for Zimbabwe’s health system.
  • - Atchison Actuarial Services (Private) Limited “Atchison” is a pan-African Actuarial Consultancy firm operating in Harare Zimbabwe, offering Risk Advisory and Actuarial Solutions to businesses in the region. Atchison was incorporated in Zimbabwe in August 2009. Atchison has built a diversified portfolio of clients that range from pension funds, life companies, general insurance companies, healthcare insurance providers, non-governmental organisations and government institutions.

Comarton Managed Pension Funds Investment Consortium (Consortium)

  • - With a view to assisting Pension Funds to focus on returns that are higher than the inflation rate, Comarton spearheaded and guided Funds on our portfolio in launching the Consortium in 2007.  Some of the key deliverances to date include:
  • - Launching and maintaining a common Custodial facility for all Pension Funds ensuring firm security for their assets at much lower group negotiated costs;
    • > Direct property purchases under the Consortium thereby benefiting Funds through capital appreciation and rental income;
    • > A joint Reassurance Pool which has created significant savings for participants which are now being used to fund other new programs.
    • > One of the programs being; the Post-Retirement Primary Healthcare Program for pensioners.
  • - The launch of Brainworks Capital Management, a private equity company with full approval from the Ministry of Indigenisation and taking advantage of the investment opportunities emerging in Zimbabwe now in partnership with established international companies.  This Consortium investment has put our portfolio of Funds way above the market in terms of returns particularly, with the generally negative earnings emerging from the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange over the last three years.
  • - Setting-up of the Consortium Cash Investment Pool which variously has delivered the best Money Market returns over the last four (4) years.
    • > Pension Funds under the Consortium have achieved an annual interest rate of 9.5 - 14% per annum over the past four years.