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Pension and Employee Benefit Services (PEBS)

Comarton is convinced that a modern professional Fund management service must address the following critical areas and we have structured ourselvesappropriately, to meet this challenge: 


  • PEBS is responsible for all Advisory and Secretarial services to the Fund including Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meetings and all Sub-Committees thereof.
  • Preparation of monthly accounts as well as attending to the Annual Audit by an externally appointed Auditor.
  • All facets of Fund Administration.
  • Preparation of Trustees package for the quarterly Trustees meetings.
  • Technical Report on Benefit Design/ Restructuring, in line with changing socio economic trends.

Risk Benefits Financing

  • Comarton established the country‚Äôs first re-assurance pool which resulted in a reduction in excess of 20% for each Fund.
  • All our existing clients have benefited from the innovation, which has been operating for over ten years.
  • Proficient benefit settlement arrangements. Contact us to get more information on our Pension Services.

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